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Easy-to-use tools for your business, that will save you time and money

Monitoring tools that give you visibility to stay proactive and make informed decision. 

Put your data to work.

The dashboard makes your data accessible and useful from the first screen. Whether you want data from your computer or a smart device, the easy-to-use interface provides real-time and historical status information of your connected equipment, so you can get the answers to important questions and get back to running your business.

Alerts and notifications
Onscreen, SMS Alerts, Email notifications, Customize alert message and recipients

Remote Sensor Configurations
Customize sensor reporting parameters – heartbeat, calibrations and more.

Analytics & Reporting
View sensor data history reports, charts, exportable data, alert history and logs

Permission-based access and control
Visibility and access to the people that need to know within your company

Integrated Security
256-bit exchange and AES-128 CTR

Support when you need
Get the right level of support from the people that know both technology and your business

Peace of mind from wherever you are.

Eliminate alert fatigue with configurable alerts and events. The Action screen is an easy way to view what, when, where and who was notified.

Staying in compliance has never been easier.

Connected equipment status right at your fingertips. No more manually recording of temperature logs, it's automated, easily accessible, ready to be viewed, downloaded, emailed and/or printed. Drill down to see historical and detail data at the highest account or specific level.

Your data where and when you want it.

Download reports manually, schedule an email reminder or simply schedule the report to be sent directly to your email. Get the data that you want in the format you need.

Stay in the know, even on the go.

Know the current status of your connected equipment, from anywhere.

Documentation & Other Information

Remote Monitoring can help with your restaurant managing challenges.

Temperature Sensors

Monitor cold inventory to ensure food stays fresh.

Smart Digital Temperature Probe

Replace paper temp logs and switch to a tech-enabled solution

Door Sensor

Get an alert when the door is left ajar or open/closed at specified times.

Humidity Sensor

Ensure humidity and temperature are optimal for wine.

Additional Sensors to keep your food service operation optimized.

Light, Activity/Motion, Vibration, Impact, Water, Current, and more.